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How to Choose an After Construction Cleaning Company in San Antonio

One of the most crucial elements of a construction project is completing the final, thorough cleaning of the property. A final construction cleaning can range in size from a small residential home to a large commercial office building. This after construction cleaning needs to be done by a professional construction cleaning company in San Antonio who have the experience and qualifications necessary to handle this type of heavy duty cleaning. What does this construction cleaning entail? The Construction cleaning includes a thorough detailed cleaning from top to bottom. No corner will go untouched. Post Construction Cleanup includes scrubbing of the floors, wiping down all glass surfaces, and removal of the dust from lighting areas and the duct work overhead. This thorough washing down of the property will ensure that the people who will be occupying the  space whether they be homeowners, office workers, or customer associates will not have to worry about the allergens associated with dust.

After construction cleaning in San Antonio also includes sanitation of all the areas of the property. The sanitation of certain parts of the property is critical to having a property being readily available for use. The bathrooms are critical areas that require extra time and effort to make sanitary. Bathrooms needs to be hygienic for people to take care of their needs and also to prevent illness. Kitchens where food preparation occurs need to be immaculate and spotless and that requires specialized equipment and training.

Commercial Cleaning also includes cleaning of the furniture, cabinetry, and desks in the property. When doing a renovation, there might be dust particles and other airborne bound particles in the air that can land on uncovered services. These particles can also land on the files or any number of crevasses, and these need to be thoroughly scrubbed and wiped down. Construction cleaning can be critical element of creating a clean and sanitary office environment where people need to have a clean and safe environment to work in at all times.

Lion Pride Cleaning Services, a locally owned cleaning Services Company in San Antonio can handle any type of construction cleaning project. Lion Pride Cleaning Services enjoys creating partnerships and collaborating with Construction companies to ensure that their customer is able to appreciate all the elements of the final construction product. Lion Pride also strives to ensure that the property is a safe and healthy environment to work or live. The crews and technicians can thoroughly clean commercial office buildings, eating establishments, apartment complexes, and residential homes after construction or renovation. Lion Pride Cleaning Services owners take a hands on approach to ensure that the construction cleaning crew has the training and knowledge to give your property a final professional cleaning. 


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