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Best Construction Cleaning Services in San Antonio!

The last piece of a construction project is the construction cleaning. Even though it is the last piece, it is still very crucial to completion of the project. If you want your clients to be impressed with the the quality of your work, it must be presented in the best way possible. This can be accomplished by hiring the best construction cleaning company in San Antonio! 

It is imperative to hire a professional construction cleaning company to deliver high quality services in a time efficient manner! 

By hiring only professional, stable subcontractors who deliver quality services on strict deadlines, you protect your company from adverse claims.

With a hands-on approach, our designated construction  cleaning teams are personally trained by the owner to pay close attention to detail, and take all precautions to avoid Any damages. We are osha certified so we place an emphasis on safety. Our priority is to make sure that your job site remains clutter free. At the end of every job, the supervisor will thoroughly inspect the site before turning over the project and will answer any questions you may have. You’ll also receive a follow-up call from our  office to ensure that our services exceeded your expectations.

At Lion Pride Cleaning Services, We have extensive experience in all types of commercial construction clean up including both pre- and post-construction detail cleaning. We have the ability to provide after construction cleaning for both big commercial cleaning projects as well as residential cleaning projects. We are bonded and insured! We deliver expert care of complex materials and fine finishes, job safety, and reliability. Each project is followed from the beginning rough stages until the end of the final stage with constant communication. Crews are large enough to complete projects of up to 25,000 square feet in one day!

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